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XXXX Home Furnishing Decoration Group founded in 199X years group is committed to providing the real "XX Home Furnishing solutions, business scope covers professional Home Furnishing decoration design and construction, complete Home Furnishing products (the whole bathroom, the whole kitchen, the whole wood, soft decoration) design and production, Seiko installed project cooperation, national franchise international business services and project related category. We adhere to the "today's famous brand, create a hundred years of enterprise" as the purpose, adhere to the "brand, specialization, scale, industrialization" development path. So far, the group has set up wholly-owned subsidiaries in 18 cities nationwide, and authorized franchise institutions in 58 cities.
200X, XXXX Home Furnishing Museum in the China grand debut, creating a real experience Home Furnishing shopping environment for customers, based on the classic European and international fashion trends Home Furnishing Home Furnishing depth interpretation on XXXX more than 40 of Europe's top Home Furnishing brand and products into China, creating a very European fashion feature idealXXXX ideaXXXXX the whole kitchen, the whole bathroom, the whole ideaXXXXX wood and whole ideaXXXXX soft decoration of the overall Home Furnishing service, to create a complete Home Furnishing temperament and quality of European fashion is very Chinese elite.
200X, XXXX spent 300 million into production base of world-class overall Home Furnishing wood core advantage by virtue of its internationalization, starting point, world-class production line, with the European technology, environmentally friendly materials, strong R & D capabilities, excellent production equipment, advanced software and management system as the basis, to provide real quality for the whole Home Furnishing customer solutions. Products include doors, cabinets, bathroom cabinets, cabinets, wall panels, cloakroom, and bedroom furniture, living room furniture, office furniture, restaurant furniture, products sold throughout the country and exported to Europe, the annual output value of up to $200 million.
In ten years, XXXX Home Furnishing Decoration Group to become the leader in the domestic Home Furnishing brand in the field of absolute advantage, is the Chinese and foreign elite choice, and the identity of the most powerful Chinese Home Furnishing Decoration Group, has become the international industry of the crown Home Furnishing bright pearl of the orient.
Home design service process
First, the basic process of routine indoor environment design
1. Design preparation phase
Graphic drawing and function division are the main ways of expression, which mainly include: analysis design task book or consult Party A's opinion, collect data and field investigation.
The main design process: plane exchange free room - preliminary design - contract - Construction - Inspection - customer service service culture of interior decoration to interior design, interior space for many more promotion, can deepen the understanding of the concept of space, so that people on the spatial function zoning, people oriented have a strong impression that makes people more intuitive and clear understanding of interior design; indoor physical environment design is a basic engineering indoor space, including air conditioning design, HVAC design, environmental design, the physical environment should take on the indoor space and is formed by the fusion of a combination of three very organic body in indoor decoration, for the people create a temperature and light intensity are very reasonable and very comfortable space.
Two, the stage of project design
1, sketch, effect diagram as the main expression, mainly including: concept, scheme comparison, completion of the program document.
Three, construction drawing design stage:
1, construction drawings as the main expression, including: improve the design of the project, complete the construction drawing documents and the preparation of the project budget and so on.
2, in the indoor environment design process in teaching, most of the surface just stay in the above three stages, students usually can only be regarded as "sacred touch" slogan, you can recite fluently from memory but really implemented, still remain in the decoration performance, space division, process design, interior space the most important content of design is often not in the scope of thinking and design in.